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UK remains in the top 5 desirable countries for relocation

Let GOHK2UK create a smooth seamless relocation experience designed just for you!

May, 2021

UK remains in the top 5 desirable countries for relocation

Let GOHK2UK create a smooth seamless relocation experience designed just for you!

Several surveys conducted between October and December 2020 marked out the UK and London in particular as top 5 destinations for relocation.  The reports focused on ‘decoding global talent’ and looked at the impact of the covid pandemic amongst other factors.

The UK remains in the top 5 countries for relocation with London ranked as the top city for worker relocation.  The UK scores highly in terms of each of opportunities, education, environment, safety and security.

Are you thinking about relocating to the UK?  Are you overwhelmed at how and where to start the process?

GOHK2UK is an association of leading professionals from the legal, education, property, global mobility, lifestyle, tax & wealth management sectors providing a ‘one stop shop’ concierge migration / relocation service to those resettling from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom.

As part of a bespoke planning service, we work together to create a seamless strategy for the relocation of you and your family.

Our professionals are drawn from a wide range of industry sectors, all with strong links to both HK and the UK, meaning that we understand and account for any cultural sensitivities and are well-positioned to guide and protect your and your family’s long-term interests.

Our team of recognised professionals work to the highest ethical and regulatory standards and all have long-standing reputations within both HK and UK markets (and globally). We collaborate to ensure that our joined-up association provides clients with a seamless ‘one stop shop’ migration service across all areas of the relocation and settlement process.

Visit GOHK2UK at:



For more information about the UK immigration service and GOHK2UK, please contact Kevin Bowers at or our UK-based UK Immigration Consultant Antonia Grant at or visit us at

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