Practice Areas

The firm has a team of consultants and associates in a wide-range of practice areas, which allows it to advise companies and individuals in almost all industries, professions and walks of life.


Avoidance of Disputes (early resolution of contentious issues through project life)
Claims (drafting, management, resolution)
Consultants (appointments, disputes, fee recovery)
Contracts (drafting, review, risk allocation and management, administration)
Defects, Quality, Performance (for design, works, services)
Dispute Resolution (quicker and lower cost mechanisms than arbitration, litigation)
Environment and Pollution
Health and Safety
Industrial Summons
Insurance (for works, builders, professionals)
Payment (progress, claims, final account)
Professional liability
Progress (delay, disruption and acceleration)
Project Life Cycle Support (adept advice as required to achieve project objectives)
Tender and Procurement
Variations (work, time, price implications)
Warranties and Bonds

Corporate / Commercial / Corporate Finance

Capital Markets and Securities
Commercial Agreements (including commodities, shipping, and power and environmental asset purchase agreements)
Corporate Finance (public and private)
Corporate Governance
Corporate Group Restructuring and Reorganisations
Corporate Structure
Direct Investment
Guarantees, Warranties and Indemnities
Mergers and Acquisitions
Private Equity Fund Formation and Investments (including cross-border investments and exits)
Schemes of Arrangement
Shareholder Agreements
Venture Capital

Dispute Resolution

Anti-money Laundering
Asset Tracing and Debt Recovery
Crisis Management (see alinea)
Franchise Disputes
Fraud (incl. bank / email fraud)
Insider Dealing
Joint Venture Disputes
Judicial Review
Jurisdictional Challenges
Partnership Disputes
Personal Data
Professional Disciplinary Investigations and Proceedings
Professional Regulatory
Public Enquiries
Sale of Goods
Security Enforcement
Shareholder Disputes
Trade Finance
Trust Disputes
Witness Evidence

Employment (Employers and Employees)

Bespoke Internal Training
Bribery and Corruption
Directors' Duties
Disciplinary Investigations and Proceedings
Discrimination (family status, disability, race and sex)
Employee Benefits (including stock option plans)
Employment Contracts
Executive Compensation
Health and Safety
Incentive Schemes
Industrial Espionage
Labour Department
Labour Tribunal
Post-termination Restrictions
Reference Letters
Separation Agreements
Springboard Injunctions
Staff Handbooks, Policies and Procedures
Termination (notice, summary dismissal, redundancy etc.)
Trade Secrets
Union Activity


Care and Control
Child Abduction
Prenuptial Agreements
Separation Deeds

Immigration Services (United Kingdom)

BNO Extended Visa
BNO Passport Application
Dependant Family Member in Any Category
Naturalisation as a British Citizen
Permanent Residence for Tier 1 Investor
Permanent Residence for Other Tier 1 Categories
Permanent Residence of Rep of Overseas Business
Permanent Residence on BNO Extended Basis
Registration as a British Citizen
Representative of Overseas Business
Spouse or Civil Partner of a British Citizen
Tier 1 Investor
Tier 1 Innovator and Start Up
Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) Extension
Tier 1 Exceptional Talent
Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur
Tier 1 Global Talent

GOHK2UK (Hong Kong's Relocation Services in ‘One Stop Shop’)

We are an association of leading professionals from the legal, education, property, global mobility, lifestyle, tax & wealth management sectors providing a ‘one stop shop’ migration service to those resettling from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom.

As part of a bespoke planning service, we work together to create a seamless strategy for the relocation of you and your family.

Our professionals are drawn from a wide range of industry sectors, all with strong links to both HK and the UK, meaning that we understand and account for any cultural sensitivities and are well-positioned to guide and protect your and your family’s long-term interests.

Our team of recognised professionals work to the highest ethical and regulatory standards and all have long-standing reputations within both HK and UK markets (and globally). We collaborate to ensure that our joined-up association provides clients with a seamless ‘one stop shop’ migration service across all areas of the relocation and settlement process.

Legal ( is an independent Hong Kong law firm which has abandoned traditional hourly rate billing, and charges only fixed, staged and retainer fees to provide its clients with certainty, and value for high quality legal services, including for immigration services. The firm's UK-based immigration consultant is dual UK and Hong Kong qualified who is perfectly placed to advise on and help process UK visa applications by HK individuals (for themselves and their families) and HK businesses (for their staff and families) as part of their permanent migration from Hong Kong to the UK.

Our Referral Partners

Education (ITS Education Asia):

ITS Education Asia is a unique ecosystem of learning and counselling services in Hong Kong, available in-person at our school or online in our custom-built classroom. Movers to the UK would particularly benefit from our long-standing history of accreditation, and great results, with bodies such as UCAS, Pearson, the British Council and multiple schools and universities.

Wealth Management / Tax (Charlton House):

Wealth management services for internationally mobile individuals and families in Hong Kong and the UK. Charlton House is a small but dedicated team of financial experts located in both Hong Kong and London. Charlton House recognise that people who live and work outside of their country of origin often have complex financial lives which makes it difficult to keep a handle on their finances. Charlton House was established to provide financial advice tailored to the needs of internationally mobile people living in South East Asia and the UK.

Global Mobility (Farnham Castle Intercultural Training):

Cultural Training Specialists supporting Global Businesses and International Business People. Training people to communicate and work more effectively internationally and across cultures, to build more successful business relationships, and to make successful transitions to living and working in the UK - and anywhere in the world.

Property (Complete RPI):

Established in 2001, Complete RPI provide a unique asset managed approached to the search and acquisition, Letting and management of UK real estate. With offices in HK and UK complimented by multilingual staff who have been through the BN(O) process RPI is perfectly positioned to guide through the process

Lifestyle / Education (Panoba):

Panoba are UK education and lifestyle management consultants for the discerning foreign executive. Panoba and their professional concierge approach will enable you to focus on your affairs overseas, while effectively deal with your child’s educational journey, and all that comes with such a life chance, in the UK.

For more information about our service, please contact Kevin Bowers at or our UK Immigration Consultant Antonia Grant at

Immigration Services (Ireland)

Immigrant Investor Programme
Start Up Entrepreneurs
Spouse or Civil Partner of an Irish National


Business Interruption
Directors & Officers
Financial Lines
Policy Interpretation
Professional Indemnity

Intellectual Property (Contentious and non-contentious)

Industrial Design Rights
Licensing (including software)
Trade Secrets

Intellectual Property (General Commercial Work)

Software Licensing and other IT Contracts
Distribution/Wholesale/Retail Contracts
Manufacturing Agreements
Data Privacy Policies and Online Terms of Use
NDAs and Confidentiality Issues
IP / IT aspects of corporate transactions (including due diligence)

Intellectual Property (Hong Kong Trade Mark / Copyright)

Trade Mark Applications (up to and including issuance of Registration Certificate)
Trade Mark Oppositions / Invalidations / Revocations
Trade Mark Assignments
Co-existence Agreements
Copyright Affidavits
Cease and Desist Letters
Customs Recordals

Intellectual Property (Other IP-related Work)

Domain name registrations
Domain name dispute resolution

Intellectual Property (PRC Trade Mark / Copyright (working with a PRC IP agency or law firm)

Trade Mark Applications (up to and including issuance of Registration Certificate)
Trade Mark Oppositions / Invalidations / Revocations
Trade Mark Assignments
Co-existence Agreements
Copyright Registrations
Cease and Desist Letters
Raids / Official Enforcement Actions
Customs Recordals


Anonymity / Gagging Orders
Bespoke Libel Best Practice Internal Training
Contempt of Court / Committal Proceedings
Defamation (print and online libel)
Freedom of Speech
Personal Data
Pre and Post-publication Advice (national newspapers, trade magazines, television broadcasters, press releases etc.)
Protection of Identity of Sources
Protection of Original Film Footage
Reputation Management
'Super' Injunctions
'Whistleblower' Sources


Mediation Representation
Mediator Appointments

Office/Business Set-up

Bank Account
Branch Office
Business Registration
Corporate Services
Employment Contracts
Inland Revenue
Intellectual Property Rights
Joint Venture
Office Lease
Registered Office
Regulatory Licenses
Representative Office
Sole Proprietorship

Property and Building Management (Commercial, Retail and Residential)

Adverse Possession
Illegal Structures
Incorporated Owners Rights and Duties (tendering exercises, budgets and accounts, contribution of funds etc.)
Land Documents (deeds of mutual covenant, government grants, building plans, house rules etc.)
Occupation Permits
Outstanding Rent / Management Fees
Rights of Way
Sale and Purchase Agreements
Tenancy Agreements


Transfer Pricing
Cross-border tax structuring