We are a new independent Hong Kong law firm which we believe is the only law firm in Hong Kong to adopt a new way of thinking by eliminating hourly rates / billing - even for contentious dispute resolution legal work.

We calculate and agree our fees based on the value that our clients place on our legal services and their desired end-result, not on how long it will take our lawyers to do the work.

Accordingly, the firm’s fee structure is based on fixed, staged and retainer fees which allow both our corporate and individual clients to have increased value for money, certainty and shared risk.

We are a team of problem solvers

For dispute resolution matters, we see our job as keeping our clients out of court / arbitration, and always to work towards achieving a realistic, cost-effective commercial settlement (by negotiation, or mediation or by any other alternative dispute resolution methods) which is in the best financial and other interests of our clients.

For corporate/commercial matters, we advise creatively and practically as result-orientated lawyers to overcome and work around technical and other difficulties that arise during the ‘life’ of every transaction.

As a new independent Hong Kong law firm with deep roots in the city, we understand and appreciate our corporate social responsibility to the wider community and will therefore be using our time and experience to take on selected pro bono work.

A new way of thinking

Experience, proactivity, creativity, and most of all tenacity is what we provide to our clients in crisis.

alinea is a separately branded crisis management agency within the firm which, together with our public relations and media partners, provides a ‘one stop shop’ for our corporate and individual clients experiencing challenging times.

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