A new way

of thinking

A one stop shop for our corporate and individual clients experiencing challenging times

alinea is a separately branded crisis management agency within the firm which, together with our public relations and media partners, provides a one stop shop for our corporate and individual clients experiencing challenging times.

The word alinea means a new start, or (as we like to say) a new way of thinking – just what our clients need when encountering and having to deal with and manage a crisis (usually urgent) situation, and then helping them to devise and implement strategies and systems so as to eliminate (or at least minimise as far as possible) the risk of having to endure that same crisis situation ever again.

We are experienced in giving legal advice to our clients in crisis management situations, and combine with our public relations and media partners to enable us to provide seamless legal/public relations/media advice to our clients.

Our jointly devised legal/public relations/media strategies are primarily designed to give our clients the best opportunity of proactively retaining the initiative, which is essential in a crisis situation so as to control the narrative and control the momentum of the story.

Experience, proactivity, creativity, and most of all tenacity is what we provide to our clients in crisis.

In the social media driven world in which we all now live, our ability to immediately and seamlessly put together a legal/public relations/media team as a one stop shop gives us the edge as it allows us to move quicker and more efficiently and effectively to protect our clients (as well as their reputations and brands) when most needed – at the very start of a crisis as it’s ‘breaking news’, not after the initiative has already been lost as it’s something which is very difficult to regain.

In line with the firm’s fee structure, there are no hourly rates/bills for this ‘one stop shop’ crisis management advice under the alinea brand, so our clients will only be charged fixed, capped, or staged fees, which provides them with value, certainty and shared risk – something which is especially important in a crisis situation.

Actual crisis management
Case histories include:

  • Criminal Arrest, Charges and Prosecution
  • False Financial Reporting
  • Family Disputes
  • Fraud and Embezzlement
  • High-profile Litigation
  • High Net Worth Individual “Misbehaviour”
  • Media Stories
  • Personal Data Breaches
  • Personal Photographs / Privacy
  • Product Liability / Recalls
  • Sexual Assault / Discrimination / Harassment in the Workplace
  • Union Disputes
Emergency 24 Hour Hotline

Kevin Bowers
M + 852 9020 3245