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We look forward to keeping you interested in what we have to say, and to working with you ! provides construction legal services!

The firm is pleased to announce the launch of construction legal services with Shalean Sen joining as a Consultant

March, 2021 provides construction law services!

The firm is pleased to announce the launch of construction law services to advise clients on construction, infrastructure and engineering projects which are part-and-parcel of Hong Kong’s landscape, infrastructure and wider economy.  Shalean Sen joins the firm as a Consultant and is an Australian dual-qualified construction lawyer and civil engineer.

Shalean Sen (Consultant)

As former Legal Director at Pinsent Masons, specialist consultant for the MTR Corporation on major railway projects, and with previous legal and engineering career roles, Shalean brings vast and relevant experience. He utilises his dual-industry experience and knowledge to simultaneously apply legal and engineering principles and methodology to formulate value-for-fee advice, that is tailored to be commercially driven and pragmatic to best advance our clients’ business objectives,   all of which makes him a great addition to the firm to head this important practice area.

Construction Law Services

Avoidance of Disputes (early resolution of contentious issues through project life)

Claims (drafting, management, resolution)

Consultants (appointments, disputes, fee recovery)

Contracts (drafting, review, risk allocation and management, administration)

Defects, Quality, Performance (for design, works, services)

Dispute Resolution (quicker and lower cost mechanisms than arbitration, litigation)

Environment and Pollution

Health and Safety

Industrial Summons

Insurance (for works, builders, professionals)

Payment (progress, claims, final account)

Professional liability

Progress (delay, disruption and acceleration)

Project Life Cycle Support (adept advice as required to achieve project objectives)

Tender and Procurement


Variations (work, time, price implications)

Warranties and Bonds

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