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Ruder Finn 2020 Crisis Management Briefing

Kevin Bowers on the panel of the Ruder Finn 2020 Crisis Management Briefing

June, 2020

Kevin Bowers this week sat on the specialist panel along with David Ko, Winnie Lai and Charles Lankester at the Ruder Finn 2020 Crisis Management Briefing entitled “Will your company win or lose in a crisis? The right way to manage reputational risk in 2020” and fielded questions from an audience of General Counsel and industry crisis management experts. Kevin and the rest of the panel highlighted the importance of the 4Ps: Preparedness, Proactivity, Perception and Protection as the essential elements for any organisation to follow in an attempt to minimise reputational damage, financial loss and legal liability from any crisis situation, and to retain the initiative in the social media driven world in which we all live and work. Kevin also explained the impact of Hong Kong’s Apology Ordinance in a crisis situation.

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